"I had the good fortune to have Ilya Fishman as my trainer for over eight years. I have joined exercise clubs a number of times in the past, and not being self motivated, I was never successful. Then I joined the SF Bay Club and hired Ilya as my trainer. He motivated me to show up twice a week, and he proposed a program specifically styled for my age and my health background. I have had a quadruple bypass, and I have had 9 stents implanted. In November this year I will turn 92 years old. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Ilya and train with him when I was 25 years old. Perhaps if I had, I may never have had heart problems. I would recommend Ilya to anyone looking for an outstanding trainer. He is well versed in his field and continues to educate himself so that he can offer the best to his clients. He works well with clients of any age. I miss him."

-Ralph K.

"I had the great privilege of training with Ilya for about 18 months as well as recieving MAT®. Ilya’s knowledge facilitated my understanding of imbalances in my body as well as allowed me to get stronger and feeling empowered. His generosity and kindness are a true gift. I would recommend anyone to work with Ilya and get a wholesome experience for healing and fitness."

-Betty Roi. Founder of Betty Roi Yoga.


"I had the great fortune of training with Ilya for about 1 year. Due to a previous shoulder injury, I needed a professional that could help me improve my weak/injured areas, get overall stronger and reach higher levels of performance. Through Ilya's focused and targeted efforts and guidance, I was able to overcome my key injury and reach strength levels I had not experienced in 10 years! I'm very grateful for the results and dedication that Ilya brought to all of our sessions!"

-Victor T.

"I was lucky to train with Ilya while he was in SF. He takes time to understand your goals and body mechanics including any injuries, then designs a custom program to strengthen and prevent injuries from recurring. I love his focus on pacing and precise motions -- the return on my session time in terms of strength gains and endorphins were terrific!"

-Erin T.

"There is no way for me to heap enough praise on Ilya for his work rehabilitating my back, reducing my pain, and giving me mobility back. His expertise in both MAT® and MATRx® has been truly life-changing.

History: 15 years ago, I had three ruptured discs in my lower back (L3/4/5) and a diagnosis from an osteopath of “degenerative disc disease”. Before finding Ilya, I had embarked on 10+ years of physical, occupational, and sports therapy, plus chiropractic and acupuncture treatments – none of which had long-term success. Then in 2013, I was introduced to Ilya and MAT® at the Bay Club in San Francisco and that all changed.

Ilya was able to quickly assess my issues and create a custom treatment plan. MAT® seemed counter-intuitive because it doesn’t necessarily treat the parts that hurt. Ilya patiently explained the MAT® philosophy of treating the mechanics of the problem holistically, not just the parts experiencing pain.

Ilya started with MAT® (and eventually MATRx®) and slowly incorporated strength training, until strength was the primary focus. He also recommended a dietician, and that further improved my condition. The results have been literally life-changing.

I can’t recommend Ilya more highly and only wish I had found him and MAT® earlier. He’s highly skilled and highly professional, and I hope others can enjoy the same results."

-Aaron E. 

"Trust me — I’m a doctor. But seriously, I’m a physician who had a terrible rock-climbing accident that left me with spinal injuries and multiple joint injuries. It’s one thing to dissect cadavers in medical school, and quite another to find yourself with one leg paralyzed and the other with the kneecap torn loose!

After recovering from surgery and over the course of the subsequent years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates trainers and more — so I eventually got pretty good at telling who the skilled practitioners were.

Ilya Fishman is one of those rare individuals; in fact I would say he has a special gift for the work that he does. He is quite personable and very knowledgeable about anatomy and kinesiology. He knows which specific exercises to choose and when to introduce them as his clients make progress.

He is a skilled trainer, who uses a unique modality called Muscle Activation Techniques®. The approach is different from what I have seen before with traditional training, and it is better. A scientific approach to functional body work, MAT™ is an evolutionary step in the right direction.

When I began training with him, I saw instant changes in my muscular strength and coordination. I made more progress with Ilya than I had with many other forms of exercise therapy, and after I was doing well on my own, I continued to refer many of my patients to him for help.

A talented professional with a great passion for his work, Ilya gets my highest recommendation."

-Dr. Adrian Bartoli. 

"I worked with Ilya Fishman at the Bay Club San Francisco for the past 7 months, until his departure. Initially we worked on MAT® (Muscle Activation Techniques™), working on muscle imbalances. Due to injury, it has been a slow build back with MAT®, evolving to include strength. His knowledge of body, muscles and overall body mechanics are amazing and he has been super to work with building me back slowly. I can tell he can work well with anyone at any level and will adjust to meet that client's needs. The first strength session was totally different from anything I have experienced. I thought, this is easy but those slow, controlled, perfect form movements were definitely felt the next day so could tell it was the perfect level, intensity for where I am at now. Over the course of weeks, he has continued to build and I can definitely feel that I am getting stronger and my confidence is also returning. More importantly I feel like I have learned so much about proper form and how slow and controlled is super challenging. I am super excited and super thankful to Ilya for getting me back on the road to training and hopefully racing again this summer. I highly recommend Ilya Fishman!"

-Erika G.