Strength Training

Our programs for Strength Training are ideal for anyone looking to improve their strength. These programs are customized to your training location, you can complete the Strength Training programs at home, at the gym, or at any location.

The design of the Strength Training program is custom built to your needs as well as goals and help you understand how to implement the program. Weekly we will review your results, make adjustments, and provide any additional recommendations.

Additionally, if you submit videos of you completing exercises, we will analyze your form and offer recommendations for improvement. We are always available for support via email or text, and available for calls as needed.


Steps to success:

  • After payment you will receive an email confirmation. This email includes new client intake paperwork, such as the new client questionnaire and health questionnaire, that must be signed and returned. If we have any questions, we review via email or schedule a time to talk on the phone.
  • The next step is creating an app account. Since we deliver all workouts as well as other content and all tracking occurs through the app, setting up your account and familiarizing yourself with it is an important step. We create your account on our end, then you receive a confirmation link and finish the set-up.
  • Once you are set-up for the app, you'll take your starting stats, such as body stats and lifting stats, which we'll use to track your progress over time. You'll be able to see this progress in the app, via the charts and other tracking information on your personalized dashboard. These stats are updated once a month.

Based on the information provided in your intake forms and through our communications with you, we create an 8 or 12-week online strength program customized to you, that:

  •  Is built around your schedule
  •  Focuses on the type of exercises you like and will help you reach your goals
  • Follows the principles of exercise programming such as specificity, periodization, progression, variety, etc.
  • The program will be built according to your skills and abilities from the intake.

We input the weight training plan into your app account. You view the various workouts in the app. Every exercise includes a video instructional, and each workout includes a text explanation for how to track, how long to rest, how to safely perform workouts, etc. 

You can track in the app in real-time or print the workout for the day and add the tracking later. You complete workouts during the week, and we provide feedback as needed. At the end of each week, we review the week of workouts, set-up workouts for the next week.


Included in the plan:

  • Customized to you - a training plan customized to you is the best way reach your goals based on your desired location and time allowed.
  • Support - unlimited messaging with your trainer and weekly 30-minute video or phone calls to discuss progress and answer questions.
  • Form video review - upon request, we'll analyze video of your form and provide feedback
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly review of your program and progress - each day, week, and month we'll review your workouts and make adjustments as needed
  • Workout tracking - see your workout progress, stats for specific exercises, and more
  • Body stat tracking - track and view changes in your weight, fat, body composition, and other numbers.
  • Access to video library - hundreds of videos illustrating proper exercise form.



Last but not least:

At the end of each four-week period, we take a close look at your progress.

The process continues like this for the duration of the 8 or 12 weeks. At the end of the 8 or 12 weeks, we take a look at your progress and other factors and determine how to move forward.

All programs are 12 weeks (three months) in length. You can pay for two or three months or pay month-to-month. Both payment options are recurring until canceled. You can cancel at any time.