Health Coaching

Online Health Coaching is our all-in solution that delves into underlying issues in thinking, meaning it is more involved than any of our other training services. Health Coaching focuses on not only activity, but on the destructive thinking that prevents you from being successful. At times, everyone stands in their own way. However, some people do this more than others. If you are not able to reach your health and fitness goals, this might be you.


While we will provide exercise strategies as part of the coaching process, we focus heavily on counseling, though we try not to focus on it as counseling sessions but rather on sessions of communication where we try to help you bring to light issues you face.


We'll help you discover why you get in your way, if others are playing a role in this, and help you develop a strategy for moving beyond your roadblocks and moving down the path to success.


Online Health Coaching includes:

  • Consultation and assessment
  • Weekly health and wellness counseling calls (or face-to-face sessions if you're local)

  • Custom exercise plan

  • Weekly adjustments

  • Access to our web app for tracking

  • Unlimited messaging via the app

  • Plan for continuation after completion

The plan is recurring until canceled. You will be charged monthly. You can cancel at any time.