Who is MAT™ or MATRx™ for?


MAT™ is right for everyone. MAT™ can help an athlete compete at a higher level by giving their muscular system a boost. MAT™ can also help anyone who just wants to wake up everyday and move better and feel better. MAT™ has helped thousands of people who just want to live a better life and do simple tasks like play with their kids or walk to the store. MAT™ is right for everybody and every body. 

What if I am already seeing another health/fitness professional? Will MAT™ or MATRx™ interfere with other things I am doing?


Absolutely not! in fact often times when combined with other modalities it can really help further along the progress. We are going to work with your current plan, not against it. MAT™ or MATRx™ are fantastic adjuncts to programs.


How do I decide whether MAT™ or MATRX™ is right for me?

Both techniques have a ton of benefit to everyone.

MATRx™ is all about a total body process that requires a ton of dedication in order to achieve the best results possible. The results from MATRx™ help the whole body function at a higher rate. MATRx™ follows the same path every time to achieve a greater total body result while not going after the limitations as we see during the assessment. 

The process of MAT™ is about looking at limitations in the body and going right after that limitation to create better stability and range of motion in the part that we looked at. MAT™ can help create change in one part of the body and also prep the body for MATRx™.

Feels Great! How long does it hold?

MAT™ is a process. People have been known to walk away from their first session feeling fantastic, but because it is a process there is always more to do. We are not in the business of a quick fix but in the business of long term change. We are in the process of changing movement patterns that have been set over years of overuse and movement. The process of MAT™ helps strengthen the nervous system over time to create long term change in those movement patterns to make them more consistent. The simple answer is: The more you do it, the longer it holds, and the longer it feels better.