Corporate wellness services are more needed today than ever before. With more research linking proper wellness and exercise to better work performance, the need is now to provide the proper resources to your workforce. We offer a variety of services to help your company create a healthier and happier workforce. You can read more about the benefits here and here.


Fitness Workshops—In a group environment we will teach form and function to your employees to ensure they understand how to exercise in a safe and effective manner.

Included in Fitness Workshops:

  • Fitness assessment and recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations based on group needs
  • Basic program design and tracking for continual success


Health Coaching Workshops—The seminars are a way to assist your employees in understanding how health and wellness is part of everyday life and not just what you eat or how you exercise. Focuses on stress management, mindfulness and, of course, exercise and basic nutrition.

Included in Health Coaching Workshops:

  • Health and wellness assessments and recommendations
  • Health and wellness recommendations based on group needs
  • Tracking and techniques for continual success


Gym Consultation - This is a service for Gym owners who are looking to build a new facility or want feedback on the current orientation of their facility. Business owners who also have a gym in their building can utilize this service as well.

Included in a Gym Consultation:

  • Thorough assessment of the current plan or current equipment in line with gym goals
  • Recommendations on equipment and placement of equipment to meet gym goals
  • Follow up and adjustment recommendations based on feedback